Jetset Mix + Side B v. Side A

In 2021, the B-side of Kid Chameleon: The Walking Psychedelic will be released. This portion of the project will be titled Jetset Mix+ , being anthological in relation to the main project. The musical tracks and visuals chronicle Swami’s side quests where he encounters new allies to join him on his adventure.

In contrast to Kid Chameleon: The Walking Psychedelic‘s track list of 10 main songs, the B-side Jetset Mix+ has 5 tracks. Three out of the five tracks feature other artists, which have accompanying visuals. This more of an emphasis on collaboration in the music aspect by including a variety of features. Each track’s storyline in the B side takes place in the same time period as Kid Chameleon: The Walking Psychedelic. Jetset Mix+ serves as an expansion to the project as a whole.

In production this is also the first time Swami will use instrumentals made by producers not previously used in the side-A. This adds even more variety to this portion by including not only features from artists but producers as well.

Jetset Mix+ includes the track “CREW” based on the real life story of Swami meeting another artist and encouraging him to create music together. Swami helps the artist tap into his potential in the visual, representing how in real life he encouraged his friend to come into to the studio for the first time and down a verse. Additional tracks on Jetset Mix+ that feature collaboration with others follow this similar theme.

Got What I Need” on Jetset Mix+ features Patti Mayo a long term friend to Swami. This track tells a story of Swami and Patti meeting love interests and expressing a desire to be with them. The instrumental is old school bop reminiscent of the 80’s. Swami covers the first half of the song followed by Patti’s feature.

In Kid Chameleon: The Walking Psychedelic the main storyline is told chronologically throughout the tracks. The analogy between Jetset Mix+ and the main musical portion can be seen as a series of side quests taking place in the same timeframe as the main storyline. These shorter parts of the story focus less on the character development of Swami found in the A- side but keeps the same overall theme.

Currently Jetset Mix+ is set for a release in 2021, following Kid Chameleon: The Walking Psychedelic‘s release in 2020. This accompaniment truly bring the project to completion by including these tracks on the B-side.

There is a lot of content in store for us in this project releasing soon! Make sure to stay posted for the latest updates and releases across media. Follow the project’s social media platform in order to get the latest news regarding production.

Instagram: @thewalkingpsychedelic

Twitter: @TWPsychedelic

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