Album Released, Streaming on All Platforms!

स्वामी₮ⱧɆ ₩₳Ⱡ₭ł₦₲ ₱₴Ɏ₵ⱧɆĐɆⱠł₵स्वामी Kid Chameleon: The Walking Psychedelic(KCWP) by Phantom Swami is finally available to listen to on Apple Music and Spotify. At 11:11 before the midnight release Swami and Dre posted a teaser trailer for the album drop. This trailer was complied of the previous promo clips and unseen live action footage, providing anContinue reading “Album Released, Streaming on All Platforms!”

Jetset Mix + Side B v. Side A

In 2021, the B-side of Kid Chameleon: The Walking Psychedelic will be released. This portion of the project will be titled Jetset Mix+ , being anthological in relation to the main project. The musical tracks and visuals chronicle Swami’s side quests where he encounters new allies to join him on his adventure. In contrast toContinue reading “Jetset Mix + Side B v. Side A”

The Story: Track by Track

The Walking Psychedelic’s storyline is told between the tracks and accompanying visuals of the album. Consisting of 10 tracks in total, this story is brought to life by convergence of all media involved. This blog post provides a brief synopsis of each song and the conceptual stories embedded within them. The complete album will beContinue reading “The Story: Track by Track”

Throwback! The Classic

The Walking Psychedelic pays homage to the classic 90’s video game Kid Chameleon throughout its storyline. Kid Chameleon serves as the main inspiration for Swami’s video game aesthetics within the visuals. The Kid’s adaptability and versatile powers are reflected within Swami during his journey as the 8-Bit Kid. In Kid Chameleon the main character divesContinue reading “Throwback! The Classic”


The Walking Psychedelic is a conceptual album incorporating trippy visuals, references to video games and music throughout time. Following a storyline of an underground rapper who dives into a psychedelic virtual world, who gains new power and develops in character. Instrumentals reminiscent of nostalgic video games and old school groove are packed within the album.Continue reading “Intro.”