Who’s that baddie? Should I cuff?

The Walking Psychedelic? Phantom Swami? 8-bit Kid? He goes by many names but this is his story.

Tune in, Drop out, Tap in, Press Start

Join Swami on an adventure through a psychedelic virtual world!

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Album Released, Streaming on All Platforms!

स्वामी₮ⱧɆ ₩₳Ⱡ₭ł₦₲ ₱₴Ɏ₵ⱧɆĐɆⱠł₵स्वामी Kid Chameleon: The Walking Psychedelic(KCWP) by Phantom Swami is finally available to listen to on Apple Music and Spotify. At 11:11 before the midnight release Swami and Dre posted a teaser trailer for the album drop. This trailer was complied of the previous promo clips and unseen live action footage, providing anContinue reading “Album Released, Streaming on All Platforms!”

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