ReTroSoundWAVMedia Q &A

For this portion of the blog an interview was conducted between Swami and ReTroSoundWAVMedia’s owner Dre. In the process of making Kid Chameleon:The Walking Psychedelic Swami met Dre for video editing purposes then continued collaboration at AMI studios. Throughout their continued work together Dre’s role in production of the project expanded, leading to him engineering and making beats. “It’s been a journey for sure, now that I think about it, it’s almost been half a year that we’ve been working consistently together on this project. It’s been interesting because you never know what could happen working with someone new.” The original content of this interview has been edited for space and clarity

S: Hello everybody today I am here today with one of my best pals and collaborators on the current project, Dre of RetroSoundWAVMedia. Today we’re going to talk about the project and give the people a little insight. Can you tell about your role in the production of this project?

D: Alright sure, On this project I basically started off as video editing personnel then recommended a studio I knew we could go to because I know you had some stuff to get done. I began engineering after we worked at the studio and I offered to make beats because video editing isn’t all I do. You pitched me ideas and liked the production so we continued work at the studio.

S: Thanks for telling us about you! Now the current project we’re working on, can you tell the people a bit about Kid Chameleon:The Walking Psychedelic?

D: Basically an introduction about you, but in the sense of an aesthetic of a video game put into a story that encapsulates what you’ve been in through life so far. From relationships to current things you are going through or thinking about and things you want to do in your future. Going through the lens of how you went through your life so far, going through all experiences, from psychedelic experiences to hanging with the homies.

S:And what’s been your favorite part of working on the project so far? We’ve been hitting it all videos and music full multimedia convergence!

D:One of my favorite times was a more recent one, where you me and Rob got together and went downtown to various locations to get footage. We were going and going and going and it was raining hard. Not to heavy but a lot I wanted to keep my camera out and work regardless.

S: We discuss these visuals heavily, would you mind telling about what we use in the process of making ours?

D: For my camera heads out there the current camera I use is a SONY 86400 it cost about 12k-13k. We focus on getting clear visual but with the ability to distort it as well. One tip I would have for filmmakers or anyone is not to rely on post production and to get all your shots when there.

S:Nice nice, so could you the people what it is like working with The Walking Psychedelic? aka me

D:It’s been a journey for sure, now that I think about it, it’s almost been half a year that we’ve been working consistently together on this project. It’s been interesting because you never know what could happen working with someone new. You don’t know working with anyone what that’ll mean for them or you. At first I thought I might just do video editing but you were always coming back with more. One thing I will say to people working with others is that, it isn’t about the money but keep it in consideration. When friendship and business is evolved relationships can be shifted, the main thing is to honest about the common end goal. Budgets may not be long term, if an artist is committed and focused it makes you sure you can invest in them and they can invest in you.

S: Full disclosure and authenticity you got it. Throughout this process were there any difficulties producing content?

D: One thing is a focus on promotion, we’re starting to get in gear but if our branding perspective was better at times when we had to work with others. I feel we could have put better efforts toward it. As a unit I wish we could have gotten everyone together to work at the same time and place to work despite the times.

S: Any word on the official release date of the project?

D: The one of the first official release dates is on 11/11/2020 in November on our websites. Then a week after we will be realizing the project on streaming platforms. We still are in the process of determining what to give fans in return for buying the album early.

S: Awesome, are there any other future projects planned fans should know about?

D: There are two more coming up, the side-B to this Jetset Mix+ and the next project in the works is Arc II: Serendipity

S:Thank you for you time and keeping it real

D: Of course man.

S: RetroSoundWAVMedia and The Walking Psychedelic we’re coming 2020 what’s up.

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