Release Update: Mix Complete! Next Steps

On the 22nd of October the completed tracks have finally been mixed and mastered. This allows for the current project to be released to distributors and then in turn to streaming platforms. The project fully mixed includes narration by 0versou1 throughout songs as the story progresses. With a consistent original sound composed by Swami and Dre, Kid Chameleon: The Walking Psychedelic will be sure to bring a new energy this year.

KCWP Cover Art by RetroSoundWAVmedia

Mixing involves polishing each individual song in order for an EP or album to come together as a whole. The process took about two days in total which was definitely worth the efforts for the quality audio, bringing the project to life even more. Submissions for a project require a cover, shown above is original Kid Chameleon:The Walking Psychedelic cover art.

This release will allow for expansion to other parts of the project such as the visuals and a planned documentary. The visual portions of the project are in the process of being finished to be released as an accompaniment to the music. After the release on streaming platforms for the audio component, the visual releases will be focused on.

One of the first release dates for the project is next month, 11/11/2020. On the release date of 11/11/2020 the album will be available on streaming platforms coinciding with the livestream at Artist Mill International. The livestream will be conducted via Instagram live, in which those who have worked on the project will come together to present some of the songs from the album online the first day of release.

The first video “Riff Raff” serves as an introduction to the music and visuals is available to view pre-release on-site and affiliated websites as well. View now!

Livestreams of the mixing process and promotional content can be found on the Instagram of each involved. Be sure to follow the creators to stay up to date on the releases.









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