Streaming Over🔥1000🔥Next Steps

Before a month has passed, Kid Chamillion: The Walking Psychedelic has reached over 1,000 plays on Apple Music. On December 1, 2020, the project has been recognized somewhere in the world to a significant extent. The visual portions are set to be released within the next upcoming months. The Intro “Riff Raff” has been theContinue reading “Streaming Over🔥1000🔥Next Steps”

ReTroSoundWAVMedia Q &A

For this portion of the blog an interview was conducted between Swami and ReTroSoundWAVMedia’s owner Dre. In the process of making Kid Chameleon:The Walking Psychedelic Swami met Dre for video editing purposes then continued collaboration at AMI studios. Throughout their continued work together Dre’s role in production of the project expanded, leading to him engineeringContinue reading “ReTroSoundWAVMedia Q &A”