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Before a month has passed, Kid Chamillion: The Walking Psychedelic has reached over 1,000 plays on Apple Music. On December 1, 2020, the project has been recognized somewhere in the world to a significant extent. The visual portions are set to be released within the next upcoming months.

The Intro “Riff Raff” has been the top hit of the album so far, on Youtube the video is almost at 500 views. The second highest streamed song on Apple Music is “Fulldive” which is the most recent visual released. In order to expand upon the story and concepts within the project, visuals will be released for each track. Following the musical portion and visuals a short film is set for future release.

Definitely stay tuned for more art across all platforms. As the project has progressed the team has conceptualized many new ideas to implement within it. 0versou1 and Swami are set to create the videos to show the love portions of the the storyline “Baybae”, “Sunlight Zone” and “Oil Spilled Heart”. These videos will be the first time Cancer Venus appears in film. The footage will recapture and reflect Swami’s experience at that point in time.

Cancer Venus is Swami’s love interest, the P2. Visuals will expand more upon the context within the music. “Arcade Fire” “Gamesboy” “Jacked in” “Kid Chamillion” and “Loading Screen” which follow his progress after separation reflect his inner thoughts and actions that follow. The antagonist Endboss is an analogy to Swami himself. Duality and reality are themes found riddled throughout the album.

The production process is still in the works by Swami and his team. Promotion has been on hiatus due to Swami in order to finish his psychology degree to truly become The Walking Psychedelic.

After graduating this month Swami will be able to focus on the art. “More time will be available to expand the vision and enjoy life for sure.” -Phantom Swami

K C W P (Kid Chamillion: The Walking Psychedelic) is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon, IheartRadio and Napster. Future plans include Twitch Streaming, performances and merchandise along with the art. Streaming for the current album can be found on-site and affiliated websites as well.  RetroSoundWAVMedia is distributing the current visuals that have been in the works. View now!

Concepts began running within Swami’s mind to create his album in 2019. In order to reflect his experiences in life as a college student and underground artist. He found himself able to truly express his experiences through art as a source of development. The origin told in the album is reflective of Swami’s own life experience.

In this reality Swami was a artist and college student who majored in psychology with an interest in psychedelic research. He attended a school called Peace University as well as Shroom University(Mellow Mushroom). Creating art at both places and attaining knowledge in diverse areas, these institutions were vital in his development.

The album chronicles his nature throughout all times whether it be chaotic immature jokes or love songs, it’s his energy as Swami. “Completing the album was really to show myself I could break pass the stigmas limitations and obstacles anyone set forth upon me, its pure energy even if it’s seen in a negative light. The album represents my life at the time and finding out where my passion was, succeeding . I just want to to be able to create laugh and chill at the end of the day.”-Phantom Swami

The mutants always come from underground eventually to create change, for now to master the craft individually; a different realm is needed…

The last word of Swami from RetroSoundWAVMedia was of going on a developmental journey away from society. In doing this he aims to create more and enhance himself.

“After returning to this reality I realize there is so much to experience in life. Why would I place limitations on myself? We should travel the world and create as much as possible. That’s what I’m doing after all of this. A break is needed, just some time for myself. Even if that means going to another galaxy for a bit I’ll take it, I need peace of mind. That means no more paperwork for anyone but ourselves. We’re going to continue to expand the brand, we actually have a shot at making our own business from ourselves and our potential, no need to waste that.” – Phantom Swami

More is coming make sure to watch the progress!

Instagram: @thewalkingpsychedelic

Twitter: @TWPsychedelic


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