The Story: Track by Track

The Walking Psychedelic’s storyline is told between the tracks and accompanying visuals of the album. Consisting of 10 tracks in total, this story is brought to life by convergence of all media involved. This blog post provides a brief synopsis of each song and the conceptual stories embedded within them. The complete album will be released on 11/11/20! Tune in! Tap in! Press Start!

Intro: Riff Raff

Every protagonist needs their anime intro, but what happens when you give the character who just dived in the world the ability to warp it? In the opening theme of The Walking Psychedelic, surreal visuals are shown in a scene of Swami’s journeys in the virtual world.

Track 2: Fulldive

Upon finding a psychedelic gaming device Swami dives into the video game world, gaining new powers while spitting heat as he becomes infused with energy. He charges up as he progresses through the first level, transforming into his signature outfit after gaining a power-up.

3. Baybae

Swami’s adventures lead him to the second zone, a beach where he meets his love interest Cancer Venus. The video serves as a flash-forward, after he meets her they begin many travels together as Swami begins to develop feelings for the first time.

4. Sunlight Zone

Swami and Cancer Venus travel to the Sunlight Zone, where Swami accepts his feelings for his love. The old-school groove is brought back in this track and within the visuals. They sing together on the hook, Cancer Venus providing an angelic accompaniment as a harmony throughout the song.

5. Oil Spilled Heart

After being attacked by mysterious entity, Swami wakes up alone, heartbroken and confused. Cancer Venus is nowhere to be found, leaving Swami distraught. Questioning what happened and why his new love is gone, he searches aimlessly while bleeding out from his injuries.

6. Loading Screen

Dying slowly from the attack, Swami’s mind gets stuck in a loop. This triggers a sequence of his last thoughts of Cancer Venus. Wishing he had more time with her and thankful he got to experience the love, Swami accepts uncertainty and passes out.

7. Gamesboy

Swami comes to consciousness in a fog, reflecting his experiences in order to find himself out as an individual person truly. He then encounters 0verSou1 who informs Swami that the world is in danger, at the same hands of the entity that attacked him previously. Swami puts aside his current situations, arising to the call of action.

8. Jacked In!

It’s time to level up!! 0verSou1 helps Swami tap into his potential, powering up with energy to defeat the final boss. This transformation sequence has Swami come back with full energy, with newfound motivation to finish what he started.

9. Arcade Fire:The Walking Psychedelic

The final boss of the new world “Endboss” awaits Swami as he arrives to battle. Swami’s lyricism hits an all time peak of heat as his power flows throughout the battle! This final round tests Swami’s might, allowing only one true victor.

10. Kid Chameleon

The closing theme as the the story comes to an end, resonating with victorious energy from throughout the album as a whole. Swami having completed his journey throughout a new psychedelic world has created his own legacy as The Walking Psychedelic.

Yuh!!! The Walking Psychedelic will be fully live 11/11/2020 stay posted on the blog for exclusive pre-release content! Follow our social media platforms for the latest updates.

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