Throwback! The Classic

The Walking Psychedelic pays homage to the classic 90’s video game Kid Chameleon throughout its storyline. Kid Chameleon serves as the main inspiration for Swami’s video game aesthetics within the visuals. The Kid’s adaptability and versatile powers are reflected within Swami during his journey as the 8-Bit Kid. In Kid Chameleon the main character dives into a virtual world as well, gaining various skills to defeat the final boss.

Kid Chameleon is a video game released in 1992 by SEGA on the Megadrive/Genesis. The main character enters a virtual reality game “Wild Side” to defeat the final boss who has kidnapped kids from the real world who couldn’t beat the game. Within the world the Kid gains the ability to change into different forms and use various abilities. There are over 100 stages in which the player has to progress through successfully. Each component in the game including the enemies and environment in stages has an abundant variety. This game had no save feature originally which definitely made this classic a challenge!

The Kid’s variety of powers come from masks he attains in the virtual world. These masks allow him into a samurai, knight, tornado, skater bro, a fly and even more! The platforming and gameplay could be comparable to earlier classic Mario games, but with more variety allowing for more diverse gameplay. Kid Chameleon has definitely made its mark in video game history appearing on the SEGA Genesis Collection, having multiple re-releases and a comic strip adaptation.

In the album The Walking Psychedelic by Swami, the closing track is named after this classic game and referenced to within the lyrics. Swami uses various powers and changes his attire frequently throughout his own journey through a psychedelic virtual world in the accompanying visuals. Drawing inspiration from this favorite throwback Kid Chameleon, Swami brings the vibe back to the current time in his new conceptual album.

The outfits Swami wears throughout The Walking Psychedelic have a trippy modern 80’s aesthetic. He has his own radical leather jacket as well and some dope kicks at the very start of the story. His shoes becoming the signature attire that he wears throughout his own transformations on his journey. Along with his hoodie which changes in appearance as he progresses throughout the world gaining power.

Definitely tune into this project in order to see this vision come to life! Follow on our social media platforms to stay posted and in order keep updated on all the promo and releases!




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