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The Walking Psychedelic is a conceptual album incorporating trippy visuals, references to video games and music throughout time. Following a storyline of an underground rapper who dives into a psychedelic virtual world, who gains new power and develops in character. Instrumentals reminiscent of nostalgic video games and old school groove are packed within the album. This is a journey of a protagonist exploring his nature reflected in a conceptual storyline, akin to a modern day musical.

The artist Swami depicts an underlying story of his personal experience and development. This is the art’s aim within his lyricism, instrumentals, vocals, and narrative transitions. Meshing fun vulgar puns with deeper emotional hitting tracks, this project is variety packed!

Within the album there are 10 tracks each telling a progressive storyline congruent to that of a video game. This theme is prominent within the aesthetic and writing.

Swami begins his journey by discovering an abandoned arcade. Upon arriving he stumbles upon the psychedelic GBA, which pulls him into its trippy world. Throughout his travels in the world he encounters new companions and love interests. Developing throughout these experience he literally builds his character!

This album was musically produced at AMI Studios, from 2019-2020. Swami found producers to work with able to capture his unique style and visions accordingly. The instrumentals mixed within the album full of synths and old school video games give this project a completely different vibe. Visuals composed by 0versou1 and Swami truly bring the project in its entirety to life!


Coming 2020, The Walking Psychedelic will stream on the music platforms Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud. Accompanying visuals are planned to be distributed across the video streaming platforms Youtube and Vevo. Tracks and visuals will be released throughout the year in order to tell the story at its full capacity. To stay posted on updates this website will be the the main hub for developmental processes within the blog. Featuring the incorporated talents of ReTroSoundWav media, 0versou1, RXPHY, and Phantom Swami this album is a well produced gem meant to be shared with others. Social media platforms for the project show more in depth teasers and promotion so follow if you’re ready to take a trip!

Instagram: @thewalkingpsychedelic

Twitter: @TWPsychedelic


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